Our People

Beluckey believes that our people are the greatest wealth, and we are committed to create a safe and health working environment. Every staff member has a fair opportunity to maximize their talent, potential and find a perfect balance among individual, company, and society.



Team work

We join hands to work together as a team to provide customers with unique business solutions and services. Every staff plays a key role in Beluckey team, professional technical R&D, skilled global sales, fast and efficient logistic program. We care about every one, and we know that our achievements depend on the selfless dedication of each employee. We have no chance to win our success without a group of dedicated, circumspective, and motivated employees.



Over 80% staffs stay together with Beluckey more than 10 years. They contribute their first career, from a student to a social man; they share their personal happiness, from a single adult to be a mom or dad. Beluckey stands behind every one when they need anytime and anywhere.

Beluckey grows up quickly during the past years with capturing each market opportunities, fighting against various challenges, overcoming every tough period. Every one devotes their best performance together with Beluckey's growth. We are expecting more successful decades with our people.


Health and Safety

Humanistic concern is our basic principle. We care not only our staff's body health but emotional state. Annually physical examination helps us to know people health briefly. Monthly team building activity freshes our people with full motivations and energies.

We never know tomorrow or contingency who will come first. We just protect our people by covering their daily life under public and private insurance certificate. Besides, we set up a special fund on handling unknown accidents. When there's a signal, Beluckey will come to our people immediately.

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