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Chengdu Beluckey Technology Co., Ltd (As Beluckey) is a phosphate-based modern enterprise which is focusing on: R&D, production, sales and services. Beluckey is one of the leading suppliers of water saving plant nutrients, fine phosphates and its derivatives. The main products are divided into three categories:


Beluckey offers the full range of water soluble fertilizer, from single nutrient fertilizers to complex compounds for plants feeding
Beluckey can provide to different crops in different planting regions with acid or alkaline phosphates-based soluble fertilizer with pH value between 2.0-9.0.

►Industrial Solutions

Beluckey offers phosphate-based industrial materials on water treatment, detergent, flame retardant.

►Food Phosphates

Beluckey develops food phosphates for all segments of food and beverage industry including Fish, Dairy, Meat, Bakery processing.

►Quality Management

As an ISO9001certified enterprise, Beluckey is committed to providing the best products and services to meet the diversified customer needs all over the world. 

Beluckey has the mature and strict Quality Control management system: R& D, design, production, packaging and transport until final delivery of the products to all the customers.

Beluckey has conducted EU REACH, US FDA registration and certification on the main products.

►Company Structure

Beluckey has three subsidiary companies: Sichuan New AG Tech. CO., LTD, Chengdu New AG CO., LTD, and Beluckey Agricultural Chemical CO., LTD. 

Focusing on developing & producing low heavy metal, high purity and water soluble NPK that contains macro-elements, middle-elements and trace elements, Sichuan New AG Tech CO., CTD specialized in producing highly concentrated organic functional liquid fertilizer which can improve crop nutrition level as well as soil structure.

Chengdu New AG is the domestic sales center of Beluckey and it is responsible for the development and promotion in the Chinese market for a variety of special plant nutrition programs. 

Beluckey Fertilizer Co. focuses on international business of specialty Plant Nutrients and its raw materials.

►Where we are

Beluckey has set up large logistic centers at Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, in order to ensure the fastest delivery time. Beluckey has the full supply chain management and can provide customers with quick and accurate logistic services. Beluckey has exported to Europe, North America, Central and South America, Middle East as well as Southeast Asia. The products are sold to over 50 countries and regions. Beluckey has set up representative offices in many countries, such as Australia, Canada, Chile, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and India. In addition, its brand “Beluckey” is the famous export brand and has been registered in many countries.

►How we grow

Relying on rich resources of raw materials, strong R& D strength, good international marketing platform and professional services team, Beluckey is creating added value and offering excellent and flexible performance with customized products, solutions and services for customers all over the world.


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